Amelia Finance  

Amelia Finance offers streamlined integration for business written with Amelia Underwriters to be financed quickly and easily

Why Premium Finance with Amelia Finance?
Automatic transfer of information to finance agreement- less work for you and your staff!
Competitive rates
The ability to customize the down payment and the number of payments for the insured.

Manage online
from our system, new business, insured history and cancellations.

Talk to a REAL LIVE person when calling!
Receive notice of cancellation 7 days prior to cancellation.

Print coupons at the time of sale!

Efficiency increases retention and reduces cancellations

Insured’s Advantages:
Insured can review their account on line,
saving you calls!
Insured can make a payment on line at
no additional charge.
Insured receives reminders when late.
They receive personal assistance when calling!

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